Sweatshirt eller langærmede skjorter til børn. Her finder du vores brede sortiment af sweatshirts i børnestørrelser.

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Long-sleeved shirts for children.

The sweatshirt is a long-sleeved sweater in the same thick quality as a classic hooded sweater without a hood. Instead, the sweatshirt usually has a round and sturdy collar. The sweatshirt is a popular garment, especially for children as it is a slightly safer garment than the hoodie whose hood can get caught in objects.

The sweatshirt is therefore a warm and simple garment.

Sweatshirt for children with print.

We want to be able to offer both stylish sweatshirts but which still go in the style of what the children themselves want. We are therefore pleased to be able to offer a wide range of sweatshirts with the children's own favorites printed on breasts. Here you will find everything from Toy Story, Tom & Jerry, The Jungle Book, Frost, Kalle Anka, Mickey Mouse and more.

We think we can probably offer a sweatshirt for all children.